Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things You Never Knew About Me

I'm fresh out of blog ideas tonight, but still wanted to get something posted. So I'm stealing this idea that has been used in various ways - a list of random information about myself. I'm sure you're just dying to know, so without further ado (or however you spell that word):

1. I have never in my life been to any of the Disney theme-parks. All of my childhood vacations were spent exploring historical destinations (that's a whole post in itself), and my sister and I were never able to convince Dad that there was anything of historical significance at Disney World. Dan's been more times than he can count.

2. My first pet was actually an earthworm. I was convinced that I needed a pet to care for, and my Mom thought she could appease me with an earthworm she found one day while planting some flowers. I promptly put it in a jar and kept it for sometime.

3. Because of my Dad's job as a Conservation Agent, we had many strange animals come and go throughout my childhood. We had a squirrel we nursed back to health and named Puffy (who also loved pecans). My Mom raised a few baby raccoons. We had a baby badger at one point and the only thing I remember is that it stunk. My favorite was a baby fawn we had in our backyard for a day or two that I got to feed with a baby bottle.

4. I have never had a dog. Which is strange considering the last 2 random facts.

5. I have blue eyes. Dan is convinced that they're green.

6. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. My latest trial dish was a shrimp scampi fettuccine - my first attempt at shrimp. It turned out alright, but I think I'm much better at chicken.

7. I was a baton twirler in high school - captain of the twirling squad, in fact. (I very well may live to regret sharing that info)

8. I have to make my bed everyday, even if it's midnight and I'm getting ready to crawl in. There's nothing worse than crawling in an unmade bed and trying to get comfortable.

9. My first date with Dan was on Valentine's Day 2004 - 5 years ago this V-Day. It was the exact same day my sister and her husband started dating. Dan showed up dressed as a cowboy to try and break the ice, while Brent showed up guitar-in-hand and sang Kelsey a song he had written (and kept right on going even when Mom & Dad showed up). It was a great precursor of things to come!

10. When we were little, my Dad used to tell my sister and I the best bed-time stories that he would completely make up. They were about 2 little girls named Shelby & Rebecca (who were, of course, actually Kelsey & I) who would go on wonderful adventures with their magic rock. Ironically, 2 of my best friends in college had the same names - Shelby & Rebecca.

11. I do many things around the home exactly like my mother. The way I fold clothes, clean a bathroom, cut vegetables and make a bed are pretty much verbatim the way Mom taught me. I don't believe in creative liberties apparently :-)

12. I just finished reading the Zion Covenant book series - and it's a good thing, because I was a bit obsessed. Dan said he was happy to see me again when I finished the last book this weekend.

13. I LOVE to swim. There aren't many sports that I feel this way about, but I could stay in a pool all day long.

14. On a cold, boring night during college, my friends and I developed a game we named "trunking." One of us would climb in the trunk and would have to try and figure out where the car was when the driver stopped. We did this in the dead of winter in northwest Iowa. That probably wasn't the brightest idea I ever had.

And one last one...

15. I have driven a 1990 Honda Accord since I left for college in 2002. That is, until yesterday...we bought a new car! It's a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, and I LOVE it! The Honda served us very well over these past several years...and we're SO grateful that it saw us all the way through grad school...but it was time. I think I'll write a whole post about the dear Honda soon. But for now, I'll leave you with a picture of what our new wheels look like (only ours is midnight blue):

And that is quite enough useless info about myself. I'm feeling a bit narcissistic now...I think I'll go to bed. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm a Liar

So I said I would post again in just a couple of days last time, didn't I? I then I didn't. I didn't post again for a couple of weeks. Geesh. I'm a big fat liar.

I actually had good reason as our computer has been on it's last leg and it was just too painfully slow to mess with blogging. But I have good news - we got a new computer! So at this moment, I'm curled up on the couch with our brand new laptap, and I love it. See how happy I am?

This is the first laptop I've ever owned, and certainly the first computer I've had with a built in camera - features which are sure to make this blogging easier than ever. See, watch this...Dan is presently building me a nice big fire with the firewood he chopped yesterday:

Viola! There he is! Isn't this fun?

Okay, I'm sure you're bored by now, but I assure you that I am back in action and plan to pick up some slack in the area of my blogging. And I do promise that someday I'll get my Christmas pictures transferred from our other computer and put onto this one so I can actually give you a glimpse of our Johnston family Christmas in Cali. If you're still interested, that is. I realize it's almost February and most of you have probably moved on from Christmas.

I'll write more when my mind is clearer. Right now I'm just ready for my Sunday afternoon nap, and this post is probably the least coherent I've ever written. Thanks for bearing with me.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So you probably thought I gave up blogging as a New Year's Resolution or something. Well, don't believe a thing they tell you! It's just not true!

Sorry. If someone can let me know why there hasn't been a post on here since Christmas, I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to figure it out myself.

Until then, carry on as usual and rest assured that Diary of an Oreo Lover is still kickin. I know you were worried.

Oh, and I'll try really hard to have a real post up this weekend. Our computer is on the fritz, I haven't gotten my pictures downloaded, and I'm in the middle of a really good book...the real reasons no posts have appeared since Christmas.