Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ellie's Turn

Just a few pics of the "other" child. We don't yet go on true dates, but we do play around a bit. Enjoy!

Just a bit of light reading at Papa's house

Not to bad a place to be on a cold winters day

Our typical dates right now.  We will pick up the pace soon, but this is pretty darn good

With her new found friend, "Lamaze, " previously CJ's from uncle mitch  (CJ doesn't know Lamaze has moved on down the line)

A Walk in the Woods

So this is Daddy.  Just wanted share about a little trip Caroline and I took this winter.  We decided that Saturday morning is a great time for "dates."  We often go to "daddy's store" (Home Depot) where Caroline often recieves a balloon and can drive the "cars" (carts) around and run into things.  Playgrounds, schools and neighborhood walks also qualify for dates, but on this particular Saturday we decided to exploring at Radnor Lake.  She is currently into animals and so the goal of this date was to find animals, yell at them and let her try to take pictures of them.  Here are a few pics of our "date" together.  Enjoy!

Out of bounds!  Anyone who knows me knows fences don't mean much.  Don't worry, a ranger reminded us to stay on the trail and that there is a $185.50 fine for what we were doing.  Yes, $185.50 ticket for this barbaric rampage through the woods.

Sticks are cool. 

Similar ride to the ferris wheel at the fair

Not bad for a 2 1/4 year old.  Pretty good shot if you ask me