Monday, September 17, 2012

help please?

I need some serious blogging inspiration.  I mean, it's not like I don't have plenty going on in my little world.  But I'm just not so sure that laundry and diapers and dishes and discipline (or lack thereof) is exactly what people are dying to read about.  Nor is it what I am terribly excited to write about.  So this is where I need some creative input...
What exactly would you all like to hear about??  Caroline's recent attachment to socks?  My latest obsession with the television series Friday Night Lights (yes, I realize I'm a little behind the times)?  Ellie's newest skills like high-fiving and scaling small mountains?  I would LOVE for you to just drop me an idea or two in the comments below...and I will do my best to deliver on those suggestions.  For reals.
And if this is a total flop, perhaps I'll whip out an inspiring post on a recent foray into carpet stain removal.  (Did I use the word 'foray' correctly?  I think my vocabulary is slipping these days.  Fancy Nancy hasn't covered that one.)
In the meantime, at least you get to look at a few new pictures!  Enjoy.
Hey peeps!  Just chillin on my wood pile, rollin' in style.

She seriously wouldn't let us take her off of here when it was time to go inside.

Sweet sisters...

"Umm, Mom??  I think you need to do something about this!"

A late summer snack on the porch = MESS

It's a race!

a little morning Bible reading with Daddy

I happened to have my camera along after church last Sunday when we decided to stick around for a little picnic after church.  It was a gorgeous day, and I was excited to get some cute pictures.  Here are my two darlings!

She is just sheer fun right now :)

SAND!  Caroline asks every week if we can play in the sand after church (we have a volleyball court).  We finally obliged her, and she was ecstatic!

Ha!  Such an Ellie expression.

This captures Caroline right now pretty well -- silly, a little crazy, and still pretty darn sweet.  She's growing up mighty fast these days.
Two peas in a pod

I just love this one.  Daddy and his girl (well, one of his girls).  Makes my heart happy :)
Thanks for muddling through a really random post!  See ya next time!