Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just Because

Here's a recent video of Caroline - just a typical morning at home, just the two of us. I have the best job in the world!

Friday, December 17, 2010

new post

There has been some concern expressed in my lack of blogging lately...oops! No need to worry about me, it's just been busy around here. That, and I've been feeling terribly uncreative -- even a step down from my typically uncreative self. Perhaps I used up all of the creative juices decorating my house for Christmas. Perhaps keeping up with a toddler just does that to a person. Perhaps I've just been lazy. Whatever.

So I've decided to try and do several days worth of the "photo challenge" all at once. And maybe that will jumpstart my creativity. Maybe not...but it's worth a try! Here goes:

Day 8: A photo of your favorite band or musician -

Sara Groves! Love her voice, love her style, love her lyrics, etc etc etc. I've recently been enjoying her Christmas album - over and over and over. Because that's usually how I listen to her music.

Day 9: A photo of your family
This is my entire family when we were all together at Thanksgiving. Even though we're not exceptionally great in number, it is more challenging than you would think to get us all together in one place, and then to also remember to take a picture. I love my family dearly, and I am so thankful that we all truly enjoy spending time together. I also love that Dan and Brent (my sister's husband) refer to each other simply as "brother," and that my parents love having the guys around just as much (if not more sometimes!) as Kelsey and me. And of course Caroline. But she's always the star of the show when she's around :)
I don't have a picture of all of the Johnstons all together, but I promise to try and take one over Christmas since we'll all be together!! We're so excited to have a Tennessee Johnston Christmas next week!

Day 10: A photo of you as a baby:

There I am - all dressed up for church with my beautiful Mama. And just in case you were wondering, yes, I was every bit as bald as Caroline. Thank goodness for bonnets and hats and headbands!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Since I skipped Day 6, here it is - a photo that makes you laugh:

Not hard to explain why this makes me laugh - it's pretty ridiculous. But it also makes me laugh to remember so many fun times growing up with my sister. It really didn't take much to entertain us most of the time, thanks largely in part to my parents requiring us to go outside and just play. Also thanks largely in part to my sister & father's crazy imaginations. Kelsey always accused me of having no imagination (I preferred to play with my chemistry set, while she was outside playing follow the leader by herself - there was probably some truth to the accusations), so I relied on them for our games of make-believe. But if carving pumpkins didn't take much creativity, it did take some thought to try and make the same face as the one we had carved. I think I came pretty close, don't you?