Friday, August 12, 2011

A few more

We're home and settling in nicely as a family of four.  My parents arrived around noon today and we're thrilled to introduce them to our sweet Ellie Kate.  Many of you have asked how Caroline is adjusting, and she's doing well -- I'll have to get a post up on the sisters soon.  In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures and in the words of Caroline "I'll be right back!"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Arrival

Elizabeth "Ellie" Kate Johnston is here.  8 pounds 7 ounces and 19.5 inches.  Mom and baby doing well.  Dad is going crazy!  God is so good.  Things went real smooth and everyone is healthy.  Ellie has more hair than Caroline does now!  All Blond!

Thanks for following along with us tonight, thanks for your prayers and Ill post pics later tonight or tomorrow. 

Praise the Lord!

Dan, Kali, CJ and Ellie


At a TEN!  Nurse getting the Doc.  Should start pushing in a few mins!  Thank the Lord.  Things are going so well.  Kali is doing well. Such a trooper she is



Epidural in.
Pain dec.
Life is good :-)


This is Dan and will be for the next while.  I take over the family blogging only when Kali is "busy" and right now she is busy! 

We have been admitted to the hospital. We are in our Labor & Delivery room now.  Last check Kali was at a "5."  We have been doing some walking which has helped a lot.  She progressed well over the last 2 hours. 

Keep us in your prayers.  Ill update as time allows. 

Over and out

On your mark....get set....

(taken last Sunday at 37 1/2 weeks)

I think it's baby time!  I've been having strong contractions all morning, along with some other, um, "side effects" that I'll leave out to spare the innocent.  Dan came on home from work & we're just getting some last minute things togehter, but I feel like we're pretty well ready to go.  We're packing up the computer, so we'll do our best to update you when we have some better info.

Caroline is happily oblivious with "Meemaw" by her side.  She has no idea what's going on, other than that she gets to see Meemaw & Peepaw today, and that Nana is coming soon.  I hope she likes the surprise we're about to bring home!

We'll be in touch soon.  Hopefully this isn't a false alarm...but I'm fairly certain we're on our way to meeting our baby girl in the next day/hours!  Please pray with us that all goes smoothly and quickly.