Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wow, it's been awhile!

When I looked at my last post today and realized that I haven't written a thing in April, I was a bit disappointed in myself. So I thought about writing a gigantic post about what's gone on since then, but I can really summarize it in about 3 points:

1) I celebrated my 24th b-day on April 5. Dan went the surprise route yet again, and we got to hang out with several different friends throughout the weekend. It was low-key, which was exactly what I needed!

2) My Dad's hearing is officially over! We won't know the outcome until late May, but right now we are all grateful that part is behind us (Mom & Dad especially). Thanks for all your prayers, and keep on praying as we await the results next month. (I realize I haven't really mentioned this much on my blog - maybe someday I'll try and write about the whole ordeal for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about).

3) GMA Week starts on Saturday - hence my total lack of communication. I've been living at work these days as we try to lock in our final preparations for this huge event. But even as we put in the long hours, I am reminded of the down times we also have in event world, and I know I can make it through! We move into the hotel & convention center tomorrow.

So why am I taking the time to write today, you ask? Just one day before load-in? Well, here's why: I have strep throat :( Somehow in the midst of everything I managed to come down with this horrid sickness and am now on my 2nd day at home. It's obviously less than ideal timing as I try to finish everything up at work, but I'm realizing there just isn't a thing I can do about it right now except do what I can to get better. My sweet husband has been taking wonderful care of me and was able to get me some antibiotics yesterday so we could get it in my system early (there are benefits to being married to someone in the health care field!). Hopefully I'll be well enough tomorrow (and no longer contagious!) to work on load-in with my co-workers. If you think of me, I would certainly covet your prayers throughout these next few days as our event begins & I continue to try and fight this sickness.

The good news is, once this is all over, I get to go to Orange City for a few days! Now I just need to make it through this week....