Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Daughter of an Oreo Lover

Last night after dinner, we gave the girls an early bath and headed over to a local frozen yogurt shop (because we had a buy one get one free coupon, of course).  It's one of those where you fill your own bowl with whatever flavor and toppings you choose...and there are a LOT of toppings to choose from.  Caroline and Daddy filled a bowl with cupcake batter yogurt and a smattering of toppings, including her favorites M&M's and Oreos.

As we sat outside and enjoyed the deliciousness, another family sat down next to us.  They had a little girl who appeared to be about the same age as Caroline, and the two hit it off right away.  I should add at this point that the other little girl had about 5 times as much hair as Caroline which was cut in a perfect little bob with a beautiful pink bow holding back her bangs just so, and she was taking tiny little licks of yogurt from her Mom's spoon.  Caroline's wispy fuzz was still a bit wet, she was in her pj's and had already dripped something chocolate down her yellow shirt.  The two starting chatting in adorable 2-year-old babble, and that's when it happened.

Caroline:  "Do you like ice cream?"

Other girl:  "Yep."

Caroline:  "Do you like Oreos?"

Other girl:  "What's that?"

Caroline:  "I LOVE Oreos!"

Other girl's Mama (also looking quite pristine) tries to describe - in detail - what an Oreo cookie is to her 2-year-old.  It becomes quite apparent that this child has never experienced an Oreo.

Caroline:  "You don't like Oreos?  I LOVE Oreos!  But they're Mommy's cookies."

Well, at least she didn't tell her that she might get one if she goes poopy.


Aunt Linda said...

Uncle Alan and I are both laughing!!

Louis and Katrina said...

LOVE this story! I can picture it happening all too well. I'm glad your child knows what the good stuff is :)

Sharon said...

Perfect hair does not a perfect child make! So funny. Caroline quite likely has changed her little friend's life. :)

kelseylynae said...

Hahaha this is fantastic. At least you've trained her well. Kind of like we always knew the brachs eggs were mom's. :). Miss you and your daughters with wispy hair. :)

PaPa said...

You can take a girl out of the country but you can't tske the country out of the girl!

DPJ said...

I was there. All true. I think Oreo's just make for sweeter kids. Eat away CJ!